How To Grow Orchids At Home

For many years, orchids have been considered exotic and expensive flowers.  But it can be surprisingly easy to grow them yourself, especially if you can get hold of some decent home orchid care information.  This way, you can discover all the special growing tricks that will allow you to grow magnificent orchids inside your home or outside in your garden.

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There are lots of different species of orchids and even more hybrids.  This means there’s sure to be a type of orchid that you’ll be able to grow yourself, once you know the basics of home orchid care.

Some orchid species thrive in cooler climates, while others grow best in temperatures of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Some orchids only bloom once each year, while others flower a few times each year or even continuously throughout the year.

Here’s another orchid tip you may not be aware of :  one of the best features of an orchid besides its color and shape is its scent.  So if you’d like a flower that smells of chocolate, then why not grow a chocolate scented orchid?  Other unusual orchid scents include coconut, raspberry or citrus.

Of course, not all orchids have unusual scents.  So if you’d like a subtle, flowery scent, you’ll be able to find such an orchid.  But if you’d like a strongly perfumed orchid, you’re also sure to find one that you like.

For beginners, one of the best orchids to grow is the Phalaenopsis orchid.  You can even grow this orchid inside your home, and its flowers last for two to three months.

Information for growing your own orchids at home:

The best medium for orchids to grow in is bark or New Zealand sphagnum moss.  If you use potting mix, you run the risk of cutting off the orchid’s air circulation and potting mix can also stop the water from draining when you water your orchid.

It’s easy to grow orchids in pots that have good drainage.  You can even grow them in cement pots if you have any, as long as there are drainage holes in the bottom of the pots.

It’s a good idea to place your pots on a stand, not directly on the ground.  Keeping your orchids up off the ground encourages air circulation underneath the pot, and will stop the plant from getting soggy roots if it rains and your orchids are outside on the ground.

If your orchids are planted in bark, then you should water them up to twice per week, more often in hot weather.  But if your orchids are planted in sphagnum moss, then you can water them less often, such as once per week.

Orchids don’t like strong sunlight, so try to situate your plants in a spot where they can get some sun and shade.

Growing orchids can be a very rewarding hobby and you may even be the envy of your neighbors!  So if you follow the above orchids information, you’re well on your way to growing magnificent orchids in your own backyard!

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